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Toner Cartridge

Printerman  Toner Cartridges, always  produced with Quality in mind, are proudly one of the bests recycled toners, produced in Portugal.
In order to achieve the excellence we use always specific raw material for each model, so that the performance and results obtained with our recycled toners are the same as using an original one.
But quality is not our only concern; to us the environment plays a very important role in our business. Therefore we are licensed to perform this activity, all our waste are sorted and forward to licensed companies to handle it.



All the Printerman Consumables are thought and developed to fulfill the requirements of the equipments where they will be used.
Printerman toner Toner Cartridges are produced by an employee’s team highly specialized in their functions. The quality control we perform are a highly indicator of the quality of our products.
All the compatible consumables are produced by third companies, which are chosen by its high concern with quality.


Types of Toner Cartridges



Original Toner Cartridges:


An original Toner Cartridge is a container which was thought and developed  by the brand and  never has been used, in other words, is all new and the content (ink, or powder) is from the original producer.


Recycled Toners:


Printerman recycled Toner Cartridges are produced having as base the original consumable, where are switched the components by other new and specific by each model, with that we obtain a recycled consumable with an appearance and a printing performance identical to the original, since the base of the product is also the quality.
With that, we guarantee a better price for our clients and the environment preservation asa well.


Compatible Toners:


The compatible Toner Cartridges are new components, developed by third companies with the main goal of being a product that can be used as substitute of the original ones.
Unfortunately as it happens in the car components industry, the products from third companies don´t have always the same quality of the original ones, and don't complies with all manufacturers' guidelines