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Modico Stamps


Modico Stamps are another proof of our great concerning with the environment, this product shows that is possible to have a quality product even if it is produced with recycled materials.

Modico Stamps have a modern and dashing design and have a very high quality and durability. Since when its ink is over, there is only the need to change the inkjet cartridge, which will ensure the same durability as the first one.


Modico stamps are available in various sizes and styles, we have desk stamps (winner of Redhot Design Award 2010), pocket stamps, date and pen stamps.


Is very simple to customize your stamp.

Printerman send you a file with the all the stamps format, where you can choose the one that most please you, and you can choose the final result as well.

You just have to send us back that file and in 24 hours you will have the stamp in your hands.

Want to print your company logo in your stamp? We take care of that!


Different types of stamps:


  • Desk Stamps

  • Pocket Stamps

  • Round Stamps

  • Date Stamps

  • Pen Stamps


Retail - (being a Printerman Retailer)


Costumized Stamps

We have special prices for customized stamps for retailers.

Apply here and get to know all the benefits and special conditions we have for you.

Receive your orders in 24 hours without delivery costs.


Would you like to make a Modico stamp?

If you search a quality service, quick, clean and efficient, Printerman has especially for you a very easy to handle system and gives you all the components you need to have a successful business.


Components and Equipments:

Printerman Supplies your company with all types of components for Flash stamps, since  text plates, ink sponges (black, blue, green, red), stamp exterior(black, blue, green, red ), ink bottles for recharging, exposure machines and film protection.